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There is a mess of noise in the city, cars, people talking, traffic lights. Slowly this noise transforms into a more monotone sound. It becomes more and more simple and clean, like the sound of winter in one of the nordic countries. Situated in this new sound layer we can slowly recognize the birth of a rhythm, actually it sounds like an army of ants climbing the glass surface. They produce their rhythm with their tiny feet marching the surface. What a miracle!
have you ever got out of bed and then immediately stumbled? have you ever skated and have broken your leg in the first turn? have you ever flown and got slammed on the hard floor? have you ever smelt a rose and got stung by the first thorn? have you ever dreamt and got wet?
after a huge storm that was trembling the inner worlds there is a longer term of peace silence is no silence but out of silence we can form a rhythm that the 2 could dance can dead dance?
Gift A day so happy. Fog lifted early, I worked in the garden. Hummingbirds were stopping over honeysuckle flowers. There was nothing on earth I wanted to possess. I knew no one worth my envying him. Whatever evil I had suffered, I forgot. To think that once I was the same man did not embarrass me. In my body I felt no pain. When straightening up, I saw the blue sea and sails. Czesław Miłos
this is a piece about new beginnings new grass that grows new stones that roll new seeds that rock new kids on the block new now let it begin
1. a group of children approaching from far away laughing and singing 2. when they finally approach, they form a circle just like in the old times they dance and sing a rhyme 3. a wind blows years pass by all voices have vanished was it a memory? was it a dream? it's the absence that we hear
À mon collaborateur mes yeux sont comme des projecteurs projetant de la lumière directement sur toi comme deux bougies Je peux voir des rayons de cette lumière faire des esquisses sur ta peau suivant mon plan Je suis l'architecte de ton sourire et sur l'écran entre tes deux joues Je peux faire des bateaux en papier avec tes rides et si je tiens bon et ne ferme pas mes cils, ces navires se transforment en tours d'argent ils sont comme des éperons qui frappent le ciel faisant galoper les nuages ils n'ont aucune idée de ce qui se passe réellement que tu es simplement une projection de mes besoins la source où je vais étancher ma soif et tout cela se passe sur ton visage pendant que tu te rassois en fumant sans en avoir la moindre idée pendant que nous parlons tous les deux et tu ne me dis rien d’important et ne penses rien de particulier à propos de moi mais j'allume mes projecteurs et je tombe amoureuse éperdument SURADNIČE Oči su mi kao projektori Svijetle u tebe kao dva lumina Na koži tvog lica snopovi su svjetlosti Slikaju crte po mojem planu Ja sam arhitekt tvog osmijeha Na platnu između dva ti obraza Od tvojih bora pravim brodove od papira Ako izdržim i ne spustim trepavice Brodovi se pretvore u srebrne tornjeve Koji podbadaju nebo kao mamuze Nebom tada galopiraju oblaci Nemaju pojma što se zapravo dešava Da si ti projekt mojih potreba Izvor na kojem ću se napiti Sve se to zbiva na tvom licu Dok ti mirno sjediš i pušiš i baš ništa ne slutiš Dok pričamo i baš ništa mi važno ne kažeš I ništa o meni posebno ne misliš Ja palim projektore I zaljubljujem se Jako To my collaborator my eyes are like light projectors projecting light directly into you like two lumens I can see beams of this light on your skin making sketches following my plan I am the architect of your smile and on the screen between your two cheeks I can make paper ships out of your wrinkles and if I hold on and don't put my lashes down those ships turn into silver towers they are like spears that stab the sky making the clouds gallop they have no idea what's really going on that you are just a projection of my needs the source where I will quench my thirst and all this is happening on your face while you sit back and smoke not really having a clue while the two of us talk and you actually tell me nothing important about anything and you actually think nothing in particular about me but I am turning on my projectors and falling in love very much



(sounds for the exhibition)

Mélanie and Milena opened the doors of the Gallery Melanie Rio Fluency in Nantes for the musicians working for European Music Incubator project. They sent 7 photos that they got from Rune from Vestfossen to Tommaso in Genoa and Pavlica in Zagreb and Berlin.
Pavlica wrote little texts that were meant to be used as screenplays for the soundscapes. She sent those “propositions” to Tommaso who developed these 7 tracks in his home studio as a kind of answers to pictures and words.
Then the five of them met in Nantes.

(Tommaso Rolando, Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro, Rune Guneriussen, Melanie Rio Fluency, Milena Stagni)

The project
Prepare for a sound journey into the incredible pictures of Rune Guneriussen. The musician Tommaso Rolando and Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro prepared an immersive sound dramaturgy of each photo, it’s not poetry or songwriting... you are simply invited to feel. Open your ears, heart and eyes.

Chloe Nataf, Natalie Mccool - thank you!
The musician – Tommaso Rolando
Tommaso Rolando is a contrabass player, composer and improviser. Based in Genoa, Italy, he works with theatre, dance and music : impro, electronic, rock, oriental music, songwriting and psychedelia.

The mentor - Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro
Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro lives in Berlin and Zagreb, she studied ethnology and czech language and literature, has MA in dramaturgy (Academy of dramatic arts, Zagreb) and MA in philosophy (Paris 8 Saint Denis). She worked in many theatre and radio projects, and initiated and organized several international platforms. Since 5 years she organized her own little radio-theater company where she creates and produces theatre pieces that could be listened at to the radio. The most known and appreciated is HOERSPIEL.

The cooperation - Rune Guneriussen
Rune Guneriussen's work articulates around two practices: installation and photography in large format. Most of his interventions are made in isolated natural locations and are visible only through his photographs.

The location - Melanie Rio Fluency (Contemporary art gallery)
With 8 years experience in the world of contemporary art, Galerie Melanie Rio changed its format and venue in 2017 and became MELANIE RIO FLUENCY. Located in a new space on the Île de Nantes, at the heart of the effervescent art scene of Nantes, Melanie Rio Fluency produces art projects, proposes temporary exhibitions and partnerships with art venues, as well as advisory services for companies and promoters. This new entity is a multi-faceted participant in the world of contemporary art.


released November 21, 2018


all rights reserved



Tommaso Rolando / Pavlica Bajsic Brazzoduro Nantes, France

Mélanie and Milena opened the doors of the Gallery Melanie Rio Fluency in Nantes for the musicians working for European Music Incubator project. They sent 7 photos that they got from Rune from Vestfossen to Tommaso in Genoa and Pavlica in Zagreb and Berlin. ... more

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